Strong vs easy solutions

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Today we'll speak about making decisions. You cannot argue that you have to solve problems once in a while. What's interesting is that there are often several solutions for each problem and it's up to you to choose one and only one of them. Each time you decide whether the solution suits your goals or not - that's the difference.

There are mostly 2 kinds of decisions:

  1. Easy decisions;
  2. Strong decisions.
What is the difference between strong and simple decisions then?

Easy solutions solve the moment's problems. For example, the easy solution for coping inflation would be print more money, however all of us know that's not a solution at all and will only help for a short period of time.

Strong decisions, however, are not so evident, not so cheap (compare building a whole new economic program with printing more money!) and often not so fast. But the key difference about them is that they will work for a long time (if not for life)

- for example if a country refines its economic policies, the effects in the long run will be much more visible and sensible. In fact, such decision will bring a whole new life to the project!

Why strong decisions are better? Because you won't have to mend what's bad in them afterwards, which could draw away your time, energy and money (check out Simpleology for that) If you are patient enough, these bring you closer to the goal than easy solutions do.

When making decisions, always think of long-term consequences. What will it bring? How can you use this solution later and save on it? For example, some web design studios develop their own CMS (Content Management System) solutions and later sell it to their clients or other studios instead of going the easy way and using an open-source or other free or cheap software.

A good solution pays off for a while, not just this one time.

So again, don't think of the immediate outcome only - think strategically, see how your decision what solution to use affects your whole life, everything you do.

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