Media Virus! is cool!

Media Virus! by Douglas RushkoffIf you are looking for a great book on viral marketing, and you are just a beginner, you should definitely read Douglas Rushkoff's Media Virus! It's fun, it's humorous and it contains deep observations.

It will not drive you mad or make you sleep on the second chapter. I read it in under 3 days and I can say that was fun.

The book tells you how information travels, replicates and captures our attention. Just like a brain slug from Futurama.

By the way, animation series are often a good virus marketing example in themselves. (Just think about it!) So how to make people think only about your product and do it all the time? Read Media Virus and you will get an idea.

The bottom-line: a good in-depth analysis of viral marketing techniques and their impact on our lives.

My rating: (Very good)