About ManageSite

What is Managesite?

Simply put, a blog (and on-line book) about website design & development management.

What's different about this site?

First of all, it's not another site about general management. It's all about managing websites development, including client and team relations (along with some basic stuff, costs and time issues and bonus articles). All articles are written "by blood" and field-tested by real people on hundreds (literally!) of real projects

Who are the authors?

Hi! My name is George Yefremoff and some of you may know the following about me:

  • As a designer, usability expert, manager and copywriter I've been working in website production industry since 2000 (Back then you had to explain customers why they need a website and what a site is!) ;
  • Graduated as Master of Computer Science specializing in Managing Systems Analysis;
  • I've worked with world-renowned brands and organizations like Sony, Sobranie, Heineken, Efes, Glamour, Aeroflot, Xerox, RusAl, L'Oreal, Vichy, UNESCO to name a few;
  • Participated in over 100 website development projects (and dozens more multimedia presentation, intranet site, creative and print advertising ones);
  • Have experience of working in teams of 3 to 50 people and...
  • managed teams up to 10;
  • Worked for myself and partnered with numerous other companies;
  • Studied psychology and human behavior since 1999;
I believe my extensive studies and devotion can change the world for better and not only for me - but for you too!

I could put all this knowledge only to my own profit and never release it to the public, and as you may know (or may as well not) all my partners advised me to keep these know-hows private. But it is my belief that a well-organised management system of this kind could really make a difference - a difference for the good.

That's why I'm going to share this valuable information with the world. Some of it may seem clear and easy to understand, but as one of the great philosophers said - everything ingenious is simple - and it's true! It's just that we don't always see several things as a complex system.

Think of it like that: everything's easy once you already know it and have all pieces of the puzzle together.

All techniques provided in my course are 100% working and field-tested on real commercial projects. Some of them were found using mistake analysis, some were taken from management literature, some even learned from competitors. Regardless of origin they were proven to be great for everyday project management.