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To help minimize your learning curve I will post some reviews on books about website building that contain outstanding examples of new thinking. I suggest that you check this category regularly as I will frequently update it.

"Save the Pixel" - one of the best books on goal-oriented webdesign.

Ben Hunt has done a great job writing this one, it's simple, pleasure to read and - last but not least - cheap.

The key idea is that design is a means of information communication and presentation, which many webdesign companies completely forget. Now this guy reminds it to you.

Having 6 years of design experience, I highly recommend this book to anyone involved in sites production or thinking about ordering a site for himself.

Why should you read it? Simple: you will learn to work less, work faster and work more efficient. Given that the book isn't a thick old-school manual you will read and start to implement the contained ideas real fast.

My rating: (excellent)


Scratch said...

Save the Pixel just got cheaper! The price has been cut to £9.99 for January 2009, which makes it better value, especially for companies looking for ways to see through the recession.

George said...

Well thanks alot for this hint - I think everyone who reads this will appreciate this piece of news

Atalanta said...

Scratch, I really want to get a copy of Save the Pixal but at full price £27 its very expensive, is there anywhere I can get it for 9.99? Can anybody help?

thanks so much

Anonymous said...

unlike the author of the blog my experience of design was next to nothing but within moments of reading I began creating. My site progressed into and reflects his teachings. It's improving by the day as I continue to study his methodology, and I moved onto his 2nd book convert