Document this!

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Today we'll talk about documenting your work and how it can minimize development time and reduce production costs.

First of all - take that seriously! Do not underestimate the power of written word! Look what advantages it gives you:

  • Both you and the client can check positions that they want to control like "that's done", "that's not done"
  • The client can't change his or her words after having signed a technical task or similar document without paying you - so try to write all conditions as clear as possible to avoid future "misunderstandings" - a "clever" (or sneaky) client may try to convince you he/she misunderstood what he/she signed. Don't give them a chance to do that to you!
  • You will both have a clear vision of your goals and steps to achieve them (Hey Mark Joyner!)
Here's a list of must-have documents (I will give you working samples later):
  1. Creative Brief (a unified questionnare of 20 to 30 general questions covering the client's site vision from design to functionality)
  2. Requirements specifications (general document on structure - preferably with visual presentation, design and functionality of the site in question)
  3. Project time schedule with stage timings (Gant diagram or not, it's not only very convenient to control the project but also is a sign of high proficiency)
  4. Maintain a project history in a separate Excel file and mark all document changes there, day by day. Also mark document versions on their front pages to remember how many times you've changed them!
Convince the client to sign all of these documents (except for maybe project history) - it's crucial for misunderstanding elimination!

Why should you do this? Because it will save you a load of problems and buy you time earn more money or spend with your friends or loved ones! On average, use of the Document This! principle lets you speed up development cycle 2.5-4 times!

Also check the full contents of the future book for more info!

I will be more than pleased to answer any questions you might have so feel free to ask them in comments!