What's different?

Now what's different about ManageSite! course that makes it stand out of the crowd? Let's take a closer look!

Written by webdevelopers for webdevelopers - based on a number of successful real-life cases experience;

Utilizes the famous Positiff.ru™ management system as its' core;

Icorporates tips and techniques for managing design, programming + our special Coding, Costs, Time and Risks Reduction system™ + even more (you will learn it very soon!);

Contains only useful information, no irrelevant thoughts or other time-wasters;

Shows exactly where you profit from each separate technique;

Gives you proven document samples for development streamlining;

Is free of charge! Yep, we give it away for free, check out why!

...which totally makes it your best on-line education tool for website production management!

Now that it's free of charge, we suggest you subscribe to this blog now and get special benefits! (more on that soon - stay tuned!)