Keep'em informed!

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Today we will talk here about one of the most critical (yeah, it's so important!) parts of the process: informing the client of the work progress.

"Well, it may not seem like a big deal" - can some guys say, but it's totally wrong! It's not enough to just send occasional e-mails. The problem is that from the client's view in that way he/she has no control of the project and he starts to think you are either creating something on your own (which he will reject later in 90% cases) or even worse - fooling him/her doing nothing.

So how is it that you can manage this situation "right"?

  • Make sure the client has all development documents;
  • Call the client frequently (I mean from several times a week to every day depending on the project) keeping him/her informed;
  • Send time schedule updates.

Why is it so important? Because even if you got bad news when you make the call you have control of the presentation. It's your show and you run it.

Imagine it like a black box - you may know something is happening inside but you can't see it so how can you believe it? If you've travelled aboard you might know that best and richest jewellers equip the factory part of their shops with wall-large windows for the clients to see the process and feel they are not dealing with mass-production - all they see is a dozen workers carefully crafting future jewellery.
So they relax and listen to what the jeweller says showing them the goods.

It is also very good for client perception of you as a team of professionals - additional care never scared away a single customer in history while we witness the opposite approach every time when we come into a shop and noone says hello or asks if he can help us and we leave.

So be the one who comes up with a friendly smile, says "hello" politely and asks how he can be of use to the visitor.

How can you profit from this? When comparing two companies with equal product quality, the client always chooses the one with better customer service. You get more clients, and what's even more important - more happy ones who recommend you to their friends!

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I will be more than pleased to answer any questions you might have so feel free to ask them in comments!