Why simpleology works?

What's so cool about Simpleology? What is Simpleology?
Well, take a former CIA agent, take a goal achievement course, take some advanced psychology and motivational writing, mix it, blend it - and here you got it. Yeah, that simple. As anything in Simpleology.

I've already talked about that book in the "Analyse your goals" so you may already know that it's all about achieving goals and new productive thinking. There are some really simple laws in the "simple science of getting what you want" like to see your goal, keep it in your sights and hit it until you hit it. They work!

Mark Joyner may not be the guy who promises that you will instantly get $1,000,000 after reading this but he will teach you to set realistic goals and achieve them in no time. Even if you want a $1,000,000 :)

What I like best of all in this book is that there's no nonsense in it. No "water" at all - just the juice I paid for. If you want to take a motivational goal-achieving course, take a look at this one - it's fun, simple (how simple can Simpleology be?) cheap, and yes - working. Definitely a must-read to me.

My rating: (excellent)