Take payment in advance

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Today's hint is all about money. You can remember the song (oh you know this one) and sing it along as you read :)

Well, the first thing you have to remember is that you have to charge you client for everything though you may and should give him or her discounts.

You have to because it builds trust and connection as famous seducers like BadBoy or Mystery would say. Why is that? Why? Well, it's a matter of simple psychology. You see, if the client gives you something (anything! It may be as little as 20% in fact) he invests into interaction with you. It's a start.

My point here is that once you start to pay for your credit you can't stop and just say: "I've had enough, I don't need what you sell!" Your client is the same way.

Me and my business-partner once tried a special scheme "signup for techsupport and site promotion and get the site for free" - and it didn't work. Analysis showed that such offers are perceived as traps, the client's mind tells him "nothing is for free, buddy!" and he doesn't give it a shot. The lesson we learned after this experiment is that you definitely should use giveaways, but not give away too much or the offer seems to good to be true (even when it actually is the case)

What's here for you? Simple. By taking a small percentage of the payment you encourage the client to invest into the project immediately, thus strengthening your relations without spending a dime. Also, not working with payment in advance is a sign of professionalism - it implies you have more important things to do than grab any opportunity. Again, pickup-artists would call it "showing that you are not needy". Clients, even men, like it as much as women do.

Check out the full contents of the future book for more info! Have fun during the week-end!

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