Solve problems, not create them

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Today's lesson is all about image again. Well, first of all - what does that mean - to solve problems? This isn't the same for you and for the client.

The trick here is that many studios give their clients some hard choices to make. that's wrong. When you give them options to choose from, try to balance them in a way that whatever one they choose it works.

Simply put: give them only enough decision-making to make them feel in control. The client has to feel he's in charge but you do all the management job. Working with you must be easy.

Here's a simple example: imagine you are a CEO of a large corporation. You've got two deputies, one of which just brings you the papers to sign and does the job himself and one who doesn't make a move without your sanction so that in fact you do your job and his. Whom will you fire to reduce costs? You got it!

There are two kinds of people on this planet: problem creators and problem solvers. Clients often choose to pay the latter. See, many professions exist only because sometimes it's easier to pay a professional to solve your problems instead of doing it yourself. Lawyers, dentists and garbage-cleaners get paid for that their whole life. Just because doing their job yourself could spend your time and maybe bring some more trouble to it.

Don't create obstacles and problems, destroy them! See every situation as an opportunity, not a problem!

That's what winners do all the time. That's what makes them that rich and powerful. They take responsibility and get paid for that. One of my friends often said:

A professional is someone who's cool at doing what others hate.

How can this benefit you?
Just be the guy who solves problems and see how your clients multiply.

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