Positiff management core values

Hi and welcome!

Today we'll speak about philosophy. I'll cover it in more detail later but here are the core values of the Positiff website management system.

See, it's not just a set of working techniques - it's a whole philosophy.

Now what's so different about it? Well, this system is a set of core values, and incorporating these into your thinking will help you make decisions that benefit both you and your relations with the client. Unlike many systems, this one is compromise-targeted, we don't pull the blanket on one side: we try to cover both us and the client so to say (well, it's definitely not about sleeping with the client though some of our clients were sexy :) )

So what are these values I'm talking about today? Let's list them:
  • Positive approach;
  • Make the client your friend (again, it's not about being too close);
  • Rationality and orientation towards goals;
  • Speed;
  • System approach;
  • Constant improvement of product and services.
Well, you might say that any system incorporates these to some degree but the first one is really something that makes us stand out. Why? You know, several years ago right before the system creation I was reading one of Steven Hawking's books (you know, popular science books about black holes and worm-holes through time and matter) and came across something that rang a bell in my head.

This guy wrote that looking at the system from a realistic point of view was one thing and looking at it from a positivist view was another. I was fascinated! You know, how can you not be fascinated when someone who is almost completely disabled and chained to a wheel-chair by a severe desease (doctors told him many years ago that he'd live only 3 more years and he still does and writes beautiful books!!!) and still talks about positivity and even prepares for a space flight (and I actually hope he does fly to see the cosmos!)

So I thought about these words for a while and came up with Positiff management. You know, the concept that everything will really be okay even if it looks bad (think about how Steven is so popular despite his troubles!) gave me a whole new life. I mean it! I had troubles studying in university (which is considered rather prestigious and hard-to-study-in - it's a local analogue of MIT) but after realizing I'll overcome all this I really started to do well!

The very same idea rocked my business-life. One guy had told me long ago that a good designer is someone that you should wait in line to work with. It seemed like sci-fi for me at the time but as for now clients are actually waiting in a line to work with us!

Another important feature of our management, System Approach is nothing new but really gives you a powerful tool to overcome almost any trouble.

Again, Positiff management is less of a dogmatic model and more of a philosophy which gives you much more flexibility in everyday decision making. As my physics professor said, no model can 100% reflect the truth. Only philosophy can.

Skepticism is not cool, guys. If you aim at getting worst results possible and thinking from that - it will get you nowhere. Aim at being the best and win! There's a saying:

Aim at the skies and you get an eagle. Aim at an eagle and get a rock. Aim at the rock and get the ground. Aim at the ground and get nothing! So aim at the skies, God damn it!

Now... how will this benefit you? Stay realistic, but set high standards in everything. It may sound banal but think of all the examples I gave you above again. Aren't they vivid enough? What do you learn from them?

Check out the full contents of the future book for more info!

I'd like to know how helpful this advice was, add your comments here please! And as always - I will be more than pleased to answer any questions you might have so feel free to ask them ))