Manage the experience, not the project

Hi guys! Before we proceed to today's lesson, I've got an important announcement to make:

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Now that we're finished with this, let's talk about experience management!

Well, many managers make the same mistake over and over again: their project execution is virtually seamless but while they forget to manage the client's experience they lose customers even while the product is great. How come and what to do? We'll discuss it today.

First of all, what is experience management? That's really simple: imagine that you are a child and there are two candy shops in your local area, both offer the same candy but when you come to one of them , they just sell you the candy, grab the money and that's it. In the other one, however, they smile to you right from the door, remember your name and personal favorites and even give you some extra candy for no cost!

Now the big question is the following: which one will you bring your precious pocket money to? Obvious, isn't it? So here's the difference between just doing your job well and creating an outstanding experience. And for sure, your own clients will tell all their friends about you give them some extra candy for free.

What's really surprising - you will suddenly find it so much easier to make them agree to what you propose!

Why is that? It's simple psychology: if someone gives you more than you expected from the very beginning you grow to think subconsciously that he is doing that out of respect and/or keeps your best interests in mind. So you will naturally trust him more. See how it works?

So how's that - to manage the experience? Easy, in fact. Just don't stop selling! I don't mean you should speak with ad mottos, just scale it down a bit. Incorporate in your communication small pieces like "I've got great news for you", "we're working for you", "We'll try to make it ASAP" and other of this kind in your daily communication style. That works.

Don't ever say "we won't/can't do it" - either explain how much additional time/money it will take or lay out some other options in front of them. In fact, here's another clever psychological trick:

People tend to make a choice when given options, not argue the fact they have to make it at all.

Because all of us think "what's in it for me?". Yeah right, it's that simple.

Always try to show respect for client's needs and opinion, give him choice and outperform his/her expectations giving them some more stuff for free (be it your expertise, free banner design or a month of technical support to try it out). It's easy, cheap and will earn you more money.

The bottom line: create value for the customer where others take it. That will be a perfect bait for him to want more of your stuff!

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I'd like to know how helpful this advice was, add your comments here please! And as always - I will be more than pleased to answer any questions you might have so feel free to ask them ))