Two main goals of any business

Hey guys and welcome to managesite!

Today we'll talk about two main (and only) business goals. What are they?

Your business will be successful if (and when) you:

  • reduce costs (yours or the client's)

  • reduce operation time (yours or client's again!)

Yes, it's that simple! It took me several years to figure these two out until I attended a seminar on innovation management. Many guys were speaking but that one guy was talking as a preacher: he wasn't boring, he was brief and he taught me this wonderful idea. He met the two goals himself - everybody held their breath listening to him! (the seminar lasted for several days and we had enough boring-speaking wise old gentlemen)

You should judge everything you do from a perspective of time and costs effectiveness to stay in touch with your business objectives. Don't forget -

Your client judges and chooses you by them!

That may seem like a very simple thought but again - you should take it seriously: it's a pathway to success. Why? Because these two gauge any business' effectiveness!

Hope you find this mini-hint useful! Stay tuned!


Jeff said...

Actually, the ONE goal of any business is to make profits. Your two goals only assist in reaching the ONE goal.

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