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Website project historyHey!

Hope you had a cool week-end guys! Today we'll talk about project history. You know, sometimes when you finish the website, the client suddenly says - "Why hasn't this been done? We've discussed it about two months ago!!!" - have you seen that? Do you remember what they said back then? No one can, I assure you.

So what's the smart choice? Set up a Google document named "project name history" where project name is yours. What do you have to write there? The document should look like this:

Finished the site - the client says it's cool
05.16.08 Called the client - they said to paint the top menu red
05.12.08 Had a weird dream - the client making cruel love to my brain. It hurt!

How can it help and why you need this? First of all, you can always check what the client really said two months ago. Second, you can't forget anything you promised to do or just re-invent some idea you had. And of course - it could help you have a reference date to search e-mails in your Inbox etc.

You can also add any data on the project that you think is appropriate - the more you document it, the better!

You can easily maintain such document, it is simple (and you should keep it simple), it doesn't take much time but saves a lot. So...

I command you to go out, set up a Google document and make the client happy NOW!

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