How to gain personal power

The 48 laws of power by Robert GreeneHow to become the ultimate evil (or good) mastermind? How to make people perceive you as being cooler than you are? How to rapidly climb the corporate ladder? How to become a true pack leader of your team? Well, if you ask yourself (or someone else) these questions, you should consider Robert Greene's classic, "The 48 Laws of Power".

It's not just another "howto" book. Nope! Here you'll also see inspiring stories from the past generations to illustrate the ideas covered in the book. You will be shown how people who had nothing became everything and those who owned the whole world fell to ashes.

What good is this book to a manager? Whether you are a company owner or just a hired worker you have to lead your people, to show them that you are the one in charge while appearing powerful yet close to your men (or women).

Bob has done a really great job writing this book so I strongly recommend that you check it out. I also suggest that you read Robert's personal blog - Power, Seduction And War. Yeah, this guy writes about seduction, too :))

My rating: (must-read)