Who's in charge

Hey guys!

Today's we'll talk about competence.

Imagine a very common situation: you work on a site for a client, their representative is all happy about it and you're almost there - but... his boss comes out and says you've got it all wrong, which you former best friend on the client's side now repeats as a damn mantra. You can never make a design to fit two or more people's tastes so you;ll most likely have to do everything from scratch. Real pain in the ass, isn't it?

Let's put it straight: each and every one of us has been in such a situation! Now how can we handle this? Simple, as all ingenious solutions are! Just put someone in charge!

"On the client's side?" - you can say - "How?" Easy, my friend, easy :) Ready to learn the great secret of the masters? Okay, here it is: ask this question ("who will be in charge of the project on your side?") from the very beginning of the relationship with the client. They will have to choose a person and delegate the competence to him or her so that you will not have to care about this problem any more.

There are, however, some cases where they will answer with the names of 2 or even 3 persons in charge. Don't be confused by this! Just ask who's the boss among them and deal with him. I even recommend you put this person's name into all project documents (Requirements Specifications, Contact Reports etc.) As they say over here - you are nothing without a paper and a man with one :)

Why do you need to focus on this? That simple hint can save you a huge lot of trouble - I personally had been in situations like that for several times and beleive me - I had to be really sly to dodge all bullets.

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I'd like to know how helpful this advice was, add your comments here please! And as always - I will be more than pleased to answer any questions you might have so feel free to ask them ))