Learn sneaky inside tactics for website management!

Hi there!
I guess you must be pretty excited having found this page and here are some reasons you should be:

  • I will tell you how to manage a team of free-lancers in a way that benefits you the most and gets things done like... real fast!
  • Manage creative personnel (aka writers, designers)
  • ...and programmers (including different tactics for managing PHP and ASP teams!)
  • You'll also learn how to manage the project so that it takes much time to produce
  • Reduce development costs to almost labour price (including how to save and even make money on hosting!)
  • How to make clients a proposition they can't resist
  • Some inside management tactics that help you sell more to existing clients without them saying "no" again - check out the blog for daily updated hints!
...And the sweetest ones of all:
  • You will learn how to manage relations with your clients so that they not only let you do everything your way but even recommend you to their friends - which will be even simplier to work with!
  • And even more - you will learn how to seamlessly take all your customers on techsupport so that you earn even more money on a regular basis!
And BEST OF ALL - it's FREE of charge!

You know what? Check out what my business partner sent me the other day:

Eurolesson @ 04.12.2008

Damn, man!
Are you freakin' going to publish our tactics on the web for everyone to use? For free? You gone completely mad? Now? When we can get all these clients ourselves? Don't do this! I repeat: DO NOT DO it!

So the reason why I do this is simple. I've learned it at from an economy professor during a UNESCO bootcamp several years ago. It's simple so that's how it goes:

Information is different from money and all things material.
If you've got an apple and give it to a friend you don't have it anymore, while if you teach him something - you will both have it and develop it further and make even more money on it.

And all my experience from then on proved he was right!

So prepare for tomorrow when the first course articles will arrive - after that it will be like when Neo took the red pill from Morpheus: you will become a master and forget what it felt like to be underpaid or lose money or even customers.

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